Relationships lay the foundation for our success.

In 2004, Chuck Hodges and Chuck Hicks founded Hodges & Hicks General Contractors based upon the idea of providing clients with personal attention from the company’s principals and a highly experienced project team. Assembling a core group of seasoned professionals, many of whom had worked together since 1985, our founders developed a blueprint for success that remains a strong foundation of our firm.

Now, decades later, choosing Hodges & Hicks instills confidence in clients, partners, and employees alike. Our roots are firmly planted in Atlanta, Georgia, while our reach extends across the state and into markets like country clubs, healthcare, education, office, religious, institutional, mission-critical markets and beyond.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Company principals have a deep level of involvement in every project from start to finish.
  • We provide our clients with the most seasoned, experienced team possible.
  • We create a company culture that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry.
  • We operate with an “of service” mindset, making sure our clients’ needs take precedence.
  • We collaborate with the design team to ensure the project meets the budget and works architecturally.

At Hodges & Hicks, we are more than simply general contractors. We are your unwavering ally. Our core values represent who we are and how we work, guiding every decision and interaction we have.

Hodges & Hicks


At Hodges & Hicks, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety, implementing rigorous protocols and comprehensive training to ensure we proactively mitigate risks. We understand that it’s not simply checking boxes on a checklist, but rather, fostering a culture of vigilance, where every individual assumes personal responsibility for maintaining a safe and productive environment. We meticulously plan each project we undertake, assessing risks and taking measures to confidently assure the well-being of our valued team members, our partners, visitors, and the general public.

Hodges & Hicks Team


Our Hodges & Hicks team recognizes the importance of community outreach and giving back. Our commitment extends beyond our projects as we aim to be an integral part of the communities we serve. From active engagement with local organizations to supporting our client’s initiatives, we partner on charitable efforts, support youth programs, and lend a skilled hand when possible. We aim to do more than build projects. We aim to build communities.