Alpharetta, GA

Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Inc.

CSI Laboratories is a new 40,000 sf corporate headquarters including state-of-the-art laboratory space, Class A office areas, fitness and wellness center. Services include preconstruction, value engineering and general contracting.

Following an extensive and competitive selection process, we chose Hodges & Hicks for the CSI Laboratory project. It was a great choice. Throughout the project, they provided value and service while building a quality product. Selecting Hodges & Hicks is a great step toward project success for any building owner.

Marcus A. Vess
Collins Project Management

“It was a pleasure working with Hodges & Hicks during the construction of the CSI Laboratories project. Their quality, workmanship and professionalism were evident throughout the duration of construction, making this project a success. Our client has nothing but praise and kind words for the project, which is a testimony to how Hodges & Hicks collaborated with the architects, consultants and subcontractors to construct and renovate the headquarters for CSI Laboratories.”

Elba St. Romain, RA, LEED® AP
Lord Aeck Sargent