General Construction

At Hodges & Hicks we work in a manner consistent with our reputation of unsurpassed quality, value and customer service. The guiding principles of our success remain constant regardless of the project or market. We establish clear lines of communication, implement professional safety guidelines and demand the highest level of quality from our construction team. This foundation coupled with meeting a schedule and controlling costs has proven to exceed expectations time and time again.


Our clients tell us their experience with Hodges & Hicks’ preconstruction process separates us from other general contractors. We are able to provide extremely accurate budgets utilizing very preliminary project information. We take a proactive leadership role throughout the preconstruction process to ensure the owner’s budget is met and the project design is not compromised. This proactive role ensures that our clients attain the highest return on investment prior to the start of any construction activities.

Preconstruction services include:

  • Document Reviews
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Scheduling
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost Estimating/Bidding
  • Value Engineering

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is steadily becoming a major asset of the construction industry as it evolves and creates opportunities for owners, architects and contractors. The coordination and visualization capabilities of 3-D modeling allow all project team members to efficiently understand the design intent and construction possibilities.  Hodges & Hicks utilizes the advantages of this technology in several key areas:

Early-Stage MEP Modeling – Create virtual “mock-ups” of overhead mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems and equipment. Allows the team to maximize ceiling heights and minimize conflicts in the field.

Collision Detection – By combining data from structural models with MEP models, we can discover potential collisions while the design is still flexible and can be easily changed.

Energy Modeling – Advances in energy modeling have allowed owners to make informed design decisions early in the process. Natural sunlight, advanced HVAC systems, lighting controls and energy-efficient glazing are a few examples of items that will affect the long-term operational cost of a building. Hodges & Hicks utilizes BIM technology to piece together these factors into a dynamic model of heat loss and energy usage, allowing the design to evolve to meet the project goals and operational budgets.

Building Envelope Analysis – 3-D modeling has changed the way a project team can evaluate the skin of a building. By taking 2-D information and expanding it to the 3rd dimension, the team can now visualize potential risks and opportunities at complex intersections and other areas that are difficult to imagine with 2-D information.

An efficient project is a quality project, and we take pride in delivering a quality project to our clients on time, every time. BIM helps nurture this efficiency. We offer our clients a tailored BIM approach to meet the needs of each individual project.

Construction Management

Clients often ask us to serve in the capacity of a construction manager. These services include scheduling, site logistics, contractor coordination and quality control among many other aspects of the construction process.

From the conceptual stages of design to project closeout, Hodges & Hicks offers the expertise and critical insight necessary to achieve successful results.


At Hodges & Hicks we build our reputation by building strong relationships with clients.  The design-build approach to construction allows us to expand that relationship into a partnership from project conception to project completion. By utilizing the design-build approach, our clients benefit from efficiencies gained during preconstruction design and estimating. This single-source approach for design and construction simplifies coordination efforts of the owner, while providing a platform to deliver projects earlier than conventional approaches.

Benefits of Design-Build:

  • Single source of responsibility for design and construction.
  • Start quicker, finish quicker – Design-build allows for construction to commence before the design is complete. Our clients recognize our ability to bring a design into budget and break ground as quickly as possible.
  • Enhanced value-engineering – By leading the design effort, we incorporate our knowledge as a general contractor into the design process. This allows us to fully exercise the efforts of subcontractors and suppliers to provide the best and most cost-effective options for a project.


At Hodges & Hicks we understand that the actions we take today affect generations tomorrow. Our sustainability efforts are based on smart green ideas and practices. We believe that being environmentally responsible doesn’t have to cost money and should be a part of every project.

We offer all of our clients the option to choose the level of sustainability to be incorporated into their project. Whether the goal is LEED certification or incorporation of basic sustainability elements, we approach each project with the same goal: to provide our clients with the highest quality project and to do our part to minimize the impact on the environment. On every project we seek to utilize local materials and products made from recycled materials. These are just a few examples of how we, as contractors, can play a positive role in changing the industry and protecting the environment.

We’ve found that informed decisions help our clients get the most out of their project. Our role as a general contractor and sustainability partner is to bring these options to the table, allowing the team to discuss and decide the best route for a project to take.