LEED sustainability

At Hodges & Hicks we understand that the actions we take today affect generations tomorrow. Our sustainability efforts are based on smart green ideas and practices. We believe that being environmentally responsible doesn’t have to cost money and should be a part of every project.

We offer all of our clients the option to choose the level of sustainability to be incorporated into their project. Whether the goal is LEED certification or incorporation of basic sustainability elements, we approach each project with the same goal: to provide our clients with the highest quality project and to do our part to minimize the impact on the environment. On every project we seek to utilize local materials and products made from recycled materials. These are just a few examples of how we, as contractors, can play a positive role in changing the industry and protecting the environment.

We’ve found that informed decisions help our clients get the most out of their project. Our role as a general contractor and sustainability partner is to bring these options to the table, allowing the team to discuss and decide the best route for a project to take.